The Wellesley is an upscale condominium in the College Park area of Orlando, Florida. The architecture is a kind of Post-Modernist take on Frank Lloyd Wright. This campaign's purpose was to sell the last eight condos. The pull-out featuring the dog was a direct mail piece with info about the project on the back. And yes, it did win awards.
Below are two of a series of window clings that hung outside the sales center across the street from the building. The windows were more than 10 feet high.
Below are several parts of the ad campaign that ran in local magazines and the newspaper. Towards the end of the campaign there was an attempt to move past the dog, but he (or she) proved to be more effective over the life of the campaign.
The ad below actually preceeded the dog concept. It was felt that even though the lady in her robe was "cute" the spotted dog was cuter. By the way, The Wellesley is at full capacity so the campaign worked.
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